TI 99/4a & Myarc Geneve Peripherals


Digi-Port - The Sound Solution

$19.95 U.S. + $3 s&h Now only $10.00 + S&H

Digi-Port is a unique miniature device that plugs into your computers PIO (parallel printer) port and gives you the ability to play digitized sounds. No more boring boot ups, play your favorite sound clip instead! Listen to those sound clips your friends can on their IBM's. Comes complete with 99/4a and Myarc Geneve sound players. Plays any standard .wav file, many .voc and other files. Supports 32K, RAMBO, and Extended VDP RAM for playback on the 99/4a and all memory expansion peripherals for the Myarc Geneve. Package includes Digi-Port cable w/ RCA male output (requires amplified speakers or monitor with amplified input), programs and a few sample sounds on a single DSSD diskette (180K). Millions of sounds are available on BBS's and the Internet. Start listening to your computer today!!

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